Thursday, December 6, 2007

Long time no seek.

So I am in Wichita right now with my daughter. She sat on Satan's lap at the mall yesterday.

I worked some on the monkey painting last night. See it below.

When I first went to Alaska, I left a shitload of artwork with my parents. I didn't really store it properly. It was in their garage and rats ate my stuff up. There were two paintings salvaged from this time period. I wish I had all of that artwork, but it was an important stage for me as far as the development of my style. I do have pictures of much of the work that was lost. Anyways, the two painting below are the only two that were spared from the rats.

They are larger than I remember them. "Whites Will Bleed" is 5 feet wide.
"Knife and Cuddle" is 5 feet tall.

Here they are.