Thursday, December 20, 2007


How did the night go?

I was fairly cold this evening. Cold. Until pushed to express once again that my actions don't stem from some kind of hatred. I am told over and over again that my body language makes people who are close to me feel that I hate them when I don't show emotion. i mean, fuck.. I am severing limbs from arteries who never even saw a bruise, who always believed I would be as soft and generous as I was, without.... a trade. And here we are at the market on the darkest and most brilliant of days, as I approach the merchant with my wad of an exterior life's work just looking to unload it all and walk away with my freedom... and the wings fill with tears. That has always been difficult to deal with. Throughout my life, I generally don't convey or exude much emotion other than those slight or exaggerated expressions that are created and expressed to give someone else ease. I do appear to be hyper animated, because i AM hyper animated. I meant every last thought I ever shared, but this does not mean that you will like me tomorrow.