Saturday, November 17, 2007

I warned you about this, buyer.

This piece started off with a big fucked up bang. I just want to remind you that it will change alot before I am finished with it. You can change it with me. Don't get too attached to any of it though. If you do become attached to something specific about it, and want me to leave that element in the piece. Please, by all means tell me. I will do my best to honor your request. If I have a problem with execution... I will likely have to scrap it though.

I honestly have no idea where this piece is going. I will know more when I work on it and think on it some more.

2.5 X 2.5

I am notorious around here, for breaking into people's houses or I will trick them so I can take a painting back and change something in it. I tell people, if you don't want me to steal my shit back to work on it, then you better remove it from my scrutinizing eye if I come visit. Because I will take that shit, especially if I gave it to you and it wasn't a sale.

I'll give it back though, with the exception of ONE to date that I refuse to return it is so fucking bad.