Sunday, November 18, 2007

GC1107 Stages 3 & 4

okay. Let's see what is going on now with this piece. It's initial stage was posted a couple days back. Monkey, Weird looking lady. Then I made some changes to it tonight, which you can see. I tried to incorporate the "lady" a little, and even though she was a freak I could have worked with, I opted to lose her which you see in this second image.
So now, we have our monkey in the rocket ship, and the lady is gone forever. She is never coming back. That was it, her five seconds of fame... anyways, I was thinking that it would be cool to add some monkeys in the background dropping from parachutes, only the parachutes were cupcakes. There's work yet to be done on this one for sure. Thought you might want to see, buyer.

I was reading some things by Amy Lowell tonight. And, let's see what else did I do? Oh yeah.. I keep getting into these arguments with these born again vampires in an Anchorage newspaper. Been listening to Baroness, Sunn O))), Tortoise, and a bunch of weird shit I downloaded out of curiosity, and most of it blows. I watched some of When Worlds Collide the other night. Humans in on a lottery for who will be saved and sent into space when other planets fly into Earth's atmosphere and destroy it. Sometimes the older movies have great dialogues and sometimes they are better enjoyed muted. This one jumped back and forth for me, but I always enjoy sci-fi props from the past. No doubt our future will laugh at our present.

Fucking Mondays.