Monday, February 5, 2007

Black Dog

I've told this story over and over again in my head countless times. I am going to eliminate the emotion and just state the event.

A 13 year old girl waited at her bus stop one misty morning in Magnolia Texas, at the usual pre-dawn hour like any other day. She had hopes that she would do well in a spelling bee.

As the school bus took it's usual route after picking her up, on the dark trek through the tall forested back roads, the young girl caught an image that would never be erased from her mind.

Hanging from the rusted white ornate gateway of a private cemetery, down the street from a tenament of beautiful peacocks, hung a large black dog, by a noose and it's tongue seemed the starkest piece of horror in it's death. It fell toneless, past the broken neck.

The dog had not only been lynched, but also through its chest, protruded a pitchfork.

No one else in the neighborhood had any comment.