Saturday, December 9, 2006

Bounty of Contexts

"Deconstruction came along and said, basically, you're all wrong. (It's very hard to trump that.) Deconstruction maintained that all meaning is context-dependent, and the contexts are boundless. There is thus no way to control, or even finally to determine, meaning-and thus both art and criticism spin endlessly out of control and into the space of unrelenting ambiguity, never to be seen from or heard from again."

"Postmodern deconstruction, it has finally been realized, leads precisely and inevitability to nihilism: there is no genuine meaning anywhere, only nested deceptions." -Ken Wilbur-The Eye of The Spirit

Yeah. Ok. So.

Who I am, is totally the creation of my destruction, by way of X .

I like to call the brief swatting at their heads, comraderie.

My heavy noise and my heavy heart beat.